Saturday, June 21, 2014

♥ ♥ ♥ It's All In The Hat ♥ ♥ ♥

Pinque Peacock
     Good Morning my lovelies, Pinquette Mary here on this gorgeous Saturday Morning! Today I am so excited to share my Anything Goes post with you. I recently ordered some gorgeous fabric covered buttons from the Pinque Peacock Shop  and Jessica just whipped them up right in time for me to use on my projects. I just love Nanas' Pillowcase collection.
     Yup, I said projects using the same base but using different embellishments to add that sense of style. Here we go......

          I am fortunate enough to be able to test patterns for a doll pattern company where the designers have you test their patterns before they are released so that all the kinks are worked out and you have a well thought out pattern. When I tested this Cloche as well as a "straw" hat pattern I knew there would be a way to use the fabulous Pinque Peacock buttons in the decorative phase.

     Did you know that you can specialize how you want your buttons? You can have them either with shank or no shank. The pink one on the left is without the shank so I could just glue it on the crocheted flower whereas the one on the left has the shank so I could just sew it on the raffia bow. I also used some 3 Girl Jam crinkle ribbon on the purple hat (I know it looks blue, but, trust me it's purple!) Yes, Jess also carries this great ribbon in the SHOP in a variety of colors.

      Here is the same shank button application on the straw hat. I case you are not into dolls, this would be a great way to dress up your own beach hat for a truly distinctive look. This would be great to add a group of these buttons with some crinkle ribbon. Cool idea, huh?
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  1. These hats are adorable!!! Love the way you used those buttons!!!!

  2. Adorable hats and buttons. Can't crochet to save my life!

  3. OMG - love those adorable hats. Amazing what a little button can do for a cute hat.

  4. super cute hats, love the pinque peacock buttons added to them