Sunday, June 29, 2014

Alter your Life

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Today we are sharing Lisa's Canvas to get those crafty vibes going!!

Today, I am featuring the Pinque Peacock Crafty Kit Club!

Hello!  My name is Lisa and I alter things as a hobby. Many crafters look at things and see exactly what they see….me, I look at things and see what the could be.  I look at each product as a raw product, not a finished product. So the Pinque Peacock Crafty Kit Club was just for me!  I ordered the whole kit this month and love the canvases, acrylic paints, wood cut outs, feathers, and paper flowers and findings.  Those of you who follow me know that I couldn’t use them as is…, that is SO NOT ME!

So here goes:  here is what I received…..

And this is the finished product. 
 In addition to the paints and products in the kit, I used several inks, paints and finishes to adjust them to what I “saw” when I saw this kit.  After I finished the canvas color, I really wanted to stamp a “subway art” style finish.  I didn’t quite get there, but, I love the effect.  Again as before, on alternative objects, I have used black letterpress ink to stand out.  I used the wood cutouts of the hibiscus and butterfly and used the paper flowers, several of which I stained and layer with mini elegant florals from Pinque Peacock. 

The ribbon from 3 Jam Girls I received was red…it didn’t match the pallet I had in mind….but you know what….it didn’t’ stop me from dying and glittering it.  Every item in this kit has been altered in some form.  Never stop your imagine and desire to alter!

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  1. such beautiful colors, such creativity you did something very beautiful