Monday, February 17, 2014

Mardi Gras Face Mask - Challenge Inspiration

Hey there Pretty Little Peacocks!!!

I am beyond excited for the New Challenge Blog to be up and running.

I am also thrilled about the Theme for Challenge #1 –Altered Masks.

I recently participated in a really *F*U*N* Exchange with a Crafty Group on Facebook and a few of the Pinquettes, who are also members, loved the idea of using this as our 1st Challenge theme here at Pinque Peacock.

So many fabulous products are available in the PinquePeacock Discount Hut for you to order now and join the fun.  You can also create your own masks using free files available as well as shopping at your local craft stores.  Regardless of the way you choose to gather your supplies, we are just HAPPY that you will be joining us!

For those of you who would like to peek around at the Shop, I will be sharing some WONDERFUL DEALS within this post and will share a few towards the end too.  This will show you the delightful products that can be used to create your own ONE OF A KIND Altered Face Mask.

I started with a Gold Quarter Face Mask (available HERE)

I used some mesh wired ribbon that I had in my stash to “soften” the outer edge of my mask a bit and create a dramatic effect against the metallic gold surface.  I laid out the beads to see if I was going to use them around the mesh ribbon --- this idea ended up being thrown out.

I pleated the mesh ribbon every 1-2 inches and used a small dab of hot glue to hold it in place. 

While the glue was setting, I grabbed my bling accents by Want2Scrap and my Adirondack Alcohol Inks.  I trimmed the larger swirls so that they would fit around the eye holes on the mask.  I used Periwinkle for the light purple color and mixed together my Blue Stream and Yellow Sunshine to get a nice green finish on the opposite swirl.  

For the small swirl under the right eye, I left the bling untouched.

I created the large blossom bow cluster in the upper left using two colors and sizes of Wired Ribbon from my stash.  One was a 2.5” Green with Gold trim and the other is a 2.5” Golden Yellow with Gold trim.  

For the center gem, I used one of the fabulous and brilliant large size (18x25mm) Oval Gem Slider Beads (available HERE)

Behind the blossom bow cluster, I adhered several Feathers using traditional Mardi Gras colors (purple, yellow, & green) 

Feather Packs are available HERE

To accent the side of the mask, I simple glued on some strands of Mardi Gras beads I had in my stash and staggered their length for more dramatic effect.  

Here is another view of the finished Mardi Gras Mask!!!

I am quite pleased with the results, but more enthusiastic about HOW FUN THIS WAS!!!!
We hope you will test your creativity and join the fun challenge!
I would love to peek at all of your blogs and maybe even learn a new crafty tip or trick!